Stephen & Patti Hertzog

Regional Directors for Pentecostal Assembly of Canada (PAOC) missions in Eurasia


Patti & I have the honour of serving as Regional Directors for Pentecostal Assembly of Canada (PAOC) missions in Eurasia. Before that we served at Vanguard College, the PAOC Alberta & NWT District bible college, for 22 years as Professor & President.


We started in this position full time in 2015, but the call to missions came long before then. We have been involved in short term missions work in Eastern & Central Europe since just after communism fell in 1989.




Based in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, we oversee and empower 45 amazing PAOC Global Workers engaged in “extending the Kingdom and serving the peoples” in 18 nations from Siberia to Spain, England to Israel.


Steve is passionate about building a healthy and effective team of leaders, churches & colleges to transform Eurasia with the gospel. Patti focuses on fighting for social justice in the region, organizing humanitarian aid, and caring for women in ministry.


Our five missional priorities are:

Reaching the least reached people groups & nations in the region

Planting churches among Eurasia’s many linguistic, ethnic & national cultures

Equipping national leaders & churches to reach their own countries for Christ

Caring for the needy & marginalized in Jesus’ Name

Developing awareness, support, & new workers for Eurasia in Canada


There are three main ways that you can help any of our supported missionaries:

1. Prayer Support

Being on the missions field anywhere in the world can, at times, be very daunting and difficult. To support these missionaries please remember them in your everyday prayers

2. Personal Letters

No matter where these missionaries find themselves, receiving a word of encouragement or a message letting them know they are remembered and thought of can go a very long way! If you’re wanting to send a letter or a message to any of our supported missionaries please send us an email!

3. Financial Support

Contribute to our ministry through Family Christian Centre's online giving!