From the streets of Novokuxnetsk, Siberia, where Ilya and Janet Bansteev and their congregation minister to individuals struggling with addictions and AIDS: to our First Nation peoples where Dorothy Carbert and her team minister in little villages across Canada’s circumpolar north. From ancient Ethiopia and Kenya, lands filled with spectacular waterfalls and hot springs: to the heart of Southeast Asia. The Family Christian Centre is making a real difference through acts of kindness and deeds of mercy. Here in Wood Buffalo we make a difference by supporting various community ministries, i.e. the Food Bank, Centre of Hope, Kids-In-Mind, Ecole Dickinsfield School, Sister Mary Philips School, Fort McMurray Christian School, the Soup Kitchen, KAOS Christian Radio; and many others…

Jeremy & Theresa Feller


Primary mission involves training pastors throughout Ethiopia. A might revival is sweeping across Ethiopia; God has placed Jeremy right in the center of the action. Thousands of pastors have been educated and encouraged by his ministry.

Stephen & Jessica Mackay

Solomon Islands: School of Christ


If you have never met a passionate young Pentecostal Preacher than you need to meet Stephen. God has placed a special mantle on this young man; he is being powerfully used by the Holy Spirit to facilitate Schools of Christ. Thousands of pastors are reporting that their ministries have been transformed as result of Stephens Ministry.


Deborah Sirjoosingh

Turkana, Africa

There are few women like this Godly lady. She has literally poured out her life serving a people who live in a remote and uncivilized region. From birthing babies, to teaching them how to burry their dead; from drilling wells, running feeding programs to teaching basic hygiene; and all in an effort to save their souls. Enduring demonic assault, physical and emotional exhaustion, and suffering malnutrition she has led hundreds to Christ.

Dorothy Carbert

New Testament Outreach Ministries International

Stationed in Fort Providence, NWT Dorothy serves as an Evangelist and Teacher to Canada’s Northern Communities. Hundreds of lives have been revolutionized as result of her anointed ministry.


Project North is our campaign to help Dorothy Carbert Fundraising the finances she needs in order to renovate an old trailer meant for a new residence. Our commitment and goal is to raise 30,000$ in order to help make this happen! You can easily give in person or online by clicking the link below. Simply fill out the information needed and enter in your personal donation number. Don’t have a personal donation number? No worries, just leave it as is and you can still receive a personal tax receipt come end of the year!

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Roy & Avis Rideout

AGAPE Thailand

Roy & Avis have devoted nearly 30 years of their lives to serving the precious people of Thailand- much of it serving the women and children who are victims of AIDS via. a ministry call AGAPE. They operate a Orphanage which houses 80 children as well as homes which provide care for older children and teens. In addition to this they operate a school where the children are provided a quality education. Their feeding, education and health care programs cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Stephen & Rebecca Kanagadas

Sri Lanka

Stephen and Rebecca are planting a new mission among the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. They are working in a region where more than 98% of the people have no real understanding of Christianity. This couple are passionate, committed and consecrated to the ministry of evangelism.

CLICK HERE to read their story


Feeding Program

The feeding program is one of the most important parts of our work. We do this program in order to lift up the following people:

  • Orphans, people close to starvation, elders and deformed persons. Due to the starvation even the parents go to the extent of committing suicide. Much of this is a result of the civil war that took place here.
  • By providing the feeding program me we are able to rescue these lives and this gives us a way to preach the gospel to them.
  • The feeding program is the grass root level in our aim and this opens the door for us to move in to their society. Though we are in the forefront of the mission field we aren’t able to minister in this great field without your support. As we feel this we are thankful for you and uphold you in prayer. You are making a difference for Jesus in Sri Lanka!


Ilya & Janet Bantseev

Teen Challenge Centre – Siberia

Ilya & Janet have been mightily used of God to transform the lives of thousands of drug and alcohol addicts, convicts, and disadvantaged peoples in the region surrounding Novokuznetsk, Siberia. We are presently committed to raising $100,000 annually for five years to establish a new Teen Challenge Centre – this is year four of our commitment.



Centre of Hope

In the heart of downtown Fort McMurray you can find the Centre of Hope, Fort McMurray’s only day time drop in centre for our communities homeless and near homeless adults. We are a Christian community based agency which opened our doors in 2005 with a vision of: “Addressing homelessness; by encouraging change; through love, kindness and acceptance.” Our goal at the Centre of Hope is to support those experiencing or who are at risk of homelessness toward self-sufficiency. We support and stand behind our municipality by actively working towards ending homelessness in our community.

Vanguard College

The only PAOC Pentecostal Bible College in Western Canada. Many of our youth are attending or have attended Vanguard to obtain training for Pastoral Ministry. Vanguard is committed to being an authentically Pentecostal institution committed to providing training for pastoral ministry.

Fort McMurray Christian School

FMCS provides a education program designed with Christian World View in mind. Many of FCC’s children attend FMCS.

Emergency Relief Development Operations

ERDO is the PAOC agency which manages our response to major disasters which occur around our world.